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Wolf Pack joins PTS!
May 26, 10 6:58 PM
Game screenshots
May 1, 10 3:07 PM
Aarien the Seacaller
Apr 29, 10 6:16 PM
King Consierd (4/30-5/2 weekend)
Apr 23, 10 10:43 PM
World Boss Raids
Apr 21, 10 8:38 AM
Welcome to Wolf Pack of Yustiel!

Wolf Pack is a medium to large size legion, located on Yustiel server of Asmodian side. All our members have equal opportunity in groups, loot, and enjoyment of socializing with friends. Since the official launch of Aion servers in Western Hemisphere Wolf Pack has been a home for many skilled players as well as pioneers.

**If you wish to apply, please contact an officer in-game (refer to "Information" panel)

Currently recruiting: Spiritmasters
Min. level: 37


Wolf Pack joins PTS!

aionkitty, May 26, 10 6:58 PM.
A mirror guild has been created on PTS (Public Test server) prior to the launch of 1.9; everybody who wishes to check out the new patch before it goes live on U.S. servers can join their home guild (however it is not a requirement).
To download your PTS and patch it visit this link:

Happy hunting!

Game screenshots

aionkitty, May 1, 10 3:07 PM.
If you got any in-game screenshots and wish for them to appear in website gallery, contact me in-game. Thanks! --Kitty

Aarien the Seacaller

aionkitty, Apr 29, 10 6:16 PM.
So I recently been doing my quests in Beluslan around the lighthouse and spotted this bad boy by the Anair Ice Lake. He's been a jerk to us, but we eventually kited him to the village with alliance half-full. He didn't provide any drops this time, but it was definitely worth the try! As well as learning the strategy. Again, thanks to Nafi for assembling the alliance.

Aarien the Seacaller kill

King Consierd (4/30-5/2 weekend)

aionkitty, Apr 23, 10 10:43 PM.
I will be leading a King Consierd raid on one of the nights during next weekend (exact date/time to be specified). Please watch the video and read the strategy in general forums if you wish to attend. No signing up required, just be on-line!

World Boss Raids

aionkitty, Apr 21, 10 8:38 AM.
World Boss Raids are avaliable once we get most of the active people to upper 30s'. The earliest runs are most likely to include King Conseird and MMV bosses.
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